450 Orange Avenue

Coronado, California

450 Orange Avenue Apartments are located in Coronado, California. This project by San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation is a 12 unit affordable housing project designed to serve low and very low-income residents.  One small existing Spanish style cottage (one unit) was the architectural inspiration for this project.  After many studies, it was concluded a cottage renovation into a new two-story structure was not feasible.  The Architect, Rodriguez Associates Architects& Planners, decided to incorporate design elements from the cottage into the new project making a strong historical connection with the existing site and maintaining the neighborhood context.


The new bungalow courtyard design blends seamlessly with the traditional, contemporary and historic buildings that make up the street scene along Orange Ave.  It respects the eclectic street scene with two-story massing along Orange Avenue and gently transitions a to three-story building at the rear.  The varied building heights, balconies, common court; artwork and individual unit entries provide a true village environment.


450 Orange Avenue apartments demonstrate the ability for a new development to compliment and enhance the existing neighborhood.  Its designers paid attention to the site context and community’s architectural heritage to create a housing project that uniquely belongs in Coronado.

Interfaith Housing Corporation

Coronado, CA

affordable Apartments

.24 Acres

50 U/A

12 Units