Springbook Affordable Apartments

Fallbrook, California

Located in an older neighborhood of Fallbrook, California, this affordable housing development is a model for smart growth, demonstrating that higher densities can be achieved in an infill site within an established community.  The neighborhood is enhanced through the principals of community-oriented design, sustainability and CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), where the impact of the car is de-emphasized and natural surveillance and access control is optimized.  

The site design creates a sense of place with a unique village character complementary to low-scaled residential neighborhoods.  A central paseo connects to the public street providing a gateway into the development, where the community building is located for natural access control.  Private patios, balconies and windows flank the paseo creating a small town environment, which is carried further with a variety of courtyards for social interaction.  

This development adheres to the “good neighbor” ideals.  The two-story massing and scale respect the neighboring single-family homes.  Facades, rooflines and colors are varied for added appeal.  The topography allowed for a semi-subterranean garage structure to conceal the cars.  The podium parking structure is seamlessly integrated with accessible pathways to the apartments and disappears in the architecture.  Moreover, from atop the podium level, residents enjoy views of the adjacent open space and rolling hills.  Overall, this infill design conserves natural resources, preserves open spaces, utilizes existing infrastructure and county services.

Community Housing Works

Fallbrook, CA

affordable Apartments

1.77 Acres

24.8 U/A

44 Units