Lofts On Landis

Chula Vista, California

This project was forged by a unique partnership resulting in a win-win situation for all parties involved.  An affordable housing developer, a community health clinic and the City of Chula Vista collaborated to develop the first mixed-use, affordable housing development under the city’s Urban Core Specific Plan, whose goal is to revitalize its traditional downtown area. The community clinic acquired the project site, which had remained vacant for over 10 years, to create parking for its employees, but together with the city and developer, created a sustainably-designed, residential development that shall become the model of development partnerships for the future revitalization of Chula Vista’s downtown, as well as for other neighboring cities.  

The developer achieved its affordable housing goals, the community clinic acquired extra offices and parking, and the city benefitted from the added affordable housing and revitalization qualities of this infill project. At street level of this four-story contemporary building, the storefront façades house the health service offices and the residential leasing and community gathering areas, both of which have access to the adjacent and subterranean secured garage areas. Three stories of multifamily units overlook a central plaza with a tot lot, BBQ and seating areas. Private balconies face outward providing connectivity and “eyes on the street” security to support pedestrian traffic and engage the residents with the immediate community. 

This development provides affordable housing for low-income families and immediate access to healthcare resources provided by the community clinic’s annex expansion. Employing sustainable features to achieve a LEED Platinum rating, such as solar panels, energy star equipment and drought-tolerant landscaping, and located near the business district with easy access to existing infrastructure, transportation, shopping, dining, and professional services, this project is also a model for smart growth and sustainability.

Wakeland Housing & Development Corp.

Chula Vista, CA

mixed-use: affordable Apartments & Medical Office

.54 Acres

61.1 U/A

33 Units