North Park Senior Housing

San Diego, California

The North Park Senior Housing project is located in the heart of San Diego’s NorthPark community.  The architecture is contemporary and scaled to be consistent with the surrounding commercial and residential buildings.   The architecture will be varied and inviting to both tenants and visitors. The street level architectural lines create a strong horizontal pattern for active storefronts.  This building base is a podium for a varied residential village on its upper floors. The residential levels will offer apartment homes with a variety of outdoors spaces.  Private balconies and a large plaza will provide many opportunities for passive and active recreation.  The building features metal railings, window canopies, recessed openings and stucco wall patterns with varied warm tone colors.


This new community will provide state of art sustainable features.  Building envelopes are designed high energy efficiency and will take advantage of passive architectural features that shade windows while maximizing natural light and ventilation.  New low-flow plumbing fixtures will reduce water use and LED-fluorescent lighting along with high-efficiency mechanical systems will minimize energy consumption. Landscaping is designed with drought tolerant and endemic plants.  Planting will be selected to reduce maintenance costs and resources.


Sidewalk planting and awnings are reduce building massing to a human-scale and enhance the walking experience.  In addition, the building will feature articulated walls, color variety, different finish textures and stepped facades to maintain proper scale with it surroundings.  Residents will have a variety of outdoor and indoor venues for social and recreational activities.

Community Housing Works

San Diego, CA

mixed-use: affordable Apartments & Community Spaces

.56 Acres

136 U/A

76 Units