North Santa Fe affordable Housing

Vista, California

This transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly housing development is the kick-off project initiating the City of Vista Downtown Specific Plan that proposes to revitalize its main traffic corridor and create a vibrant village style downtown atmosphere. Located across from a transit station with access to both bus and rail lines, the development team has designed a perfect component to meet the City’s grand scheme and provide low-income residents with the convenience of transit-oriented, urban living, as well as a safe and affordable living environment.


In close collaboration with the City, the development team succeeded in combining the housing needs with the conservation and environmental goals of the area.  In addition to providing affordable housing for very low-income families, ten apartments will be reserved for twenty years for Transitional Age Youth, young adults from 18-24 years old who aged out of foster care. A state-of-the-art community center shall provide residential services, computer learning center and an assembly space. Reflecting the requirements of the Specific Plan, building elements face outward, providing connectivity and “eyes on the street” security to support pedestrian traffic and engage the residents with the immediate community. Pedestrian circulation was carefully considered within the site and planned to easily access adjacent amenities.


The development also embraces sustainable technologies to achieve a 100 Green Point rating.  Roof-mounted photovoltaic and thermal solar panels shall augment the project energy use by at least 50 percent, providing additional savings to its residents. The landscaped grounds include a tot lot, bbq picnic areas and gardens with drought-tolerant landscaping, edible citrus orchards and water-conservation irrigation. Residents and visitors will enjoy the amenities offered; while at the same time learn that sustainable living is possible.  This development will establish the model for smart growth and environmental conservation that will serve as a catalyst for future developments to complete the City of Vista’s vision.

Community Housing Works

Vista, CA

affordable Apartments

2.29 Acres

29.6 U/A

68 Units