Anita Apartments

Chula Vista, California

The Anita Apartments are located on the westerly side of Industrial Blvd., in close proximity to the Palomar Street Trolley station and Interstate 5. This transit-oriented development is situated along Anita Street in the Palomar Gateway Area in southwest Chula Vista, California.  The housing development consists of 96 affordable rental housing units on a ­­2.06-acre site which will further the City’s vision for higher density housing along this major transit corridor.  There will be 45 one-bedroom,27 two- bedroom, and 24 three-bedroom units. Additionally, the project includes open parking, landscaping, and recreational areas.  The project includes a community room, computer room, laundry room, and tot lot. The Anita Apartments is a three-story affordable multi-family project intended to complement the existing neighborhood.  

The architecture is contemporary in style and is scaled to the surrounding commercial and residential buildings. The building’s appearance will feature off-setting wall planes, multiple façade colors, varied roof lines, shade canopies and private balconies/patios.  Building massing will articulate each apartment and reinforce a place of home for each tenant.

The apartment complex is arranged in 5 three-story buildings. Three of the buildings form a U-shape around an inner courtyard, which will provide common open space and recreation areas. The community, computer, and laundry rooms will be inside a one-story community building  facing near the site entrance along Anita. The courtyard contains play areas, seating with tables and benches and barbeque grills. A U-shaped driveway will provide vehicular access from Anita to the north and south sides. Pedestrian and vehicular access to the units approachable from street level. Approximately 21% of the site will be landscaped around the perimeter of the lot, and in the interior of the site. A total of 48 parking spaces would be provided onsite as allowed by Density Bonus/State Law allowances. The buildings are oriented towards the street and adjacent properties with landscaped areas. The patios and balconies maintain the security concept of “eyes on the street”. The Development is a pedestrian friendly environment.  All street facing building elements are designed to support pedestrian traffic and engage the residents with the activities of the street and the immediate community. Landscape corridors, entrances, large windows, and private outdoor spaces will welcome visitors to the site.

The Anita Apartments also offers many sustainable features.  The development incorporates photovoltaic solar panels, increased building insultation, dual glazed windows, cool roofing, electric vehicle charging stations, high-efficiency mechanical and electrical systems.  The project design and sustainability are an excellent example of “smart growth”.  Overall, the Anita Apartments complements the existing neighborhood with its varied building mass and integrates into the surrounding community with pedestrian links and strong visual connections.

Wakeland Housing & Development Corp.

Chula Vista, CA

affordable Apartments

2.07 Acres

46.3 U/A

96 Units