Brisa Del Mar

Chula Vista, California

Located in the City of Chula Vista, this multifamily development is a true urban, mixed-use village. It consists of 106 affordable apartments with 13,690 sq. ft. of retail space. The site is situated at the prominent crossroads of Broadway and Main Street. The higher housing density provides much needed quality homes in a transitional neighborhood.  The commercial retail space will offer economic growth opportunities in this renewed community.

Brisa Del Mar boasts amenities such as a Community Center, pool, a large green gathering area, and tot lot. The site design is configured to create a dynamic retail spaces to reinforce the existing commercial street and provide a buffer to the residential development. The apartments overlook the retail shops and driveways.  This provides a living presence on over active areas and promote a safer environment. This trend is also observed in the residential area as the apartment entry porches, balconies, and living spaces overlooking the common gathering areas and motor courts.

The welcomed density not only meets the housing needs of the overall region, but it also provides a steady client base to serve the retail component of this development and of the rest of the commercial boulevard. Ultimately, this mixed-use project creates a new sense of place for families that is well integrated with the surrounding community and serves as a prime example of smart infill development.

Main Plaza L.P.

Chula Vista, CA

mixed-use: affordable Apartments & Commercial

4.54 Acres

106 Units

13,690 SF