Poway, California

This affordable townhome development isa model for smart growth and demonstrates higher densities are achievable in established communities.  Located in the City of Poway’s Old Historic District, the design takes inspiration from the community’s pioneer heritage and rural character.  Its Craftsman buildings naturally complement historic buildings, shoppes, restaurants and traditional housing nearby.  Each two-story townhome will have a front porch facing a street or courtyard allowing tenants to engage in outdoor activities.


Poway’s motto is “The City in the Country”.  This project takes this sentiment to heart.  The site is designed as courtyard housing surrounded by a variety of recreational and garden spaces.  Similar to nearby Old Poway Park, the tenants will have two playgrounds, gazebos, sitting alcoves, citrus orchard, rose and vegetable gardens.


Artwork is designed throughout the site and recalls Poway’s era of early inhabitants, settlers, ranching and farming.  Art pieces include sculptures made from recycled farming hardware and metallic plaques of historic events.  This development will incorporate and preserve Poway’s historic heritage for the entire community.  While recalling the past, it also embraces today’s green technology.  Its sustainable features include on-site well for irrigation, water conservation fixtures, energy efficient equipment, solar photovoltaics, enhanced indoor air quality, cool roof design, increased insulation and reduction of construction waste.  


This master plan was realized through a community design process, steered by civic and neighborhood goals.  The site design is a collection of “homes” with architecture that respects the existing community and provides state-of-the-art development for future generations.

Interfaith Housing Corporation

Poway, CA

affordable Townhomes

4.07 Acres

18.9 U/A

77 Units