Los Vecinos affordable Housing

San Diego, California

This pioneering, affordable, multifamily residential infill development was not only designed to respond to the surrounding urban environment, but also be an energy-efficient project that takes advantage of smart growth principals.  It is one of the country’s first LEED Platinum rated apartments, and has helped reinvigorate the Broadway street scene, the city’s main thoroughfare.  Asan infill development, it takes advantage of existing utility infrastructure, public use services, such as existing bus lines and light rail systems, and easily accessible neighborhood amenities, including groceries, restaurants, shopping and schools.  Its sustainable features include energy efficient equipment, water conservation fixtures, solar photovoltaics, enhanced indoor air quality, cool roof design, increased insulation and reduction of construction waste. Artwork reflecting energy conservation concepts are incorporated throughout the project to raise tenants’ awareness of our environmental responsibilities.


This development was realized through a community design process, steered by civil and neighborhood goals.  The timeless forms found on Broadway’s older buildings inspired the contemporary style.  The residential design is a collection of “homes” and the architectural massing reinforces this principal.  The ‘U’ shaped configuration design allows residential units to front on all sides of the site and also embrace an active courtyard.  All sides of the building are treated as primary elevations without ‘rear’ or ‘back’ facades.  The central courtyard provides a pedestrian environment with gathering and play areas, and the adjacent parking court is designed as an extension of the central courtyard for larger special activities.

Wakeland Housing & Development Corp.

Chula Vista, CA

affordable Apartments

1.27 Acres

33 U/A

42 Units