Iowa Street Seniors

San Diego, California

Iowa Street Seniors development brings life into an established inner-city community and new living opportunities for San Diego’s seniors. The community is growing while maintaining traditional urban patterns and restoring its neighborhood characteristics. Neighborhood leaders insisted on a design that respected the neighborhood character.  Architects responded with 120 apartment design with strong physical and visual connections to the surrounding community.


Parking garage is hidden by commercial storefronts and residential lobby.  The upper levels apartments feature large balconies and windows with views of the neighborhood, San Diego’s downtown, North Park and mountains. The community center, office and common laundry areas have outdoor terraces.  


The apartments are clustered around two large courtyards with balconies overlooking the recreational areas. Upper levels also feature enlarged outdoor balcony-corridors as gathering spaces. The overall site layout invites residents into the exterior spaces to develop a sense of community.


The project also offers sustainable features, such as: Photovoltaic and solar systems providing renewable energy. Use of high efficient systems reduces the need for public utilities. Incorporating existing streets and infrastructure are critical to the success of this project. Iowa Street Seniors is a state-of-the-art example of smart growth that respects and promotes the North Park community.

Community Housing Works

San Diego, CA

mixed-use: affordable Apartments & Commercial

1.11 Acres

108 U/A

120 Units